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Greecem Bond Mortar is a first of its kind, Bi-component and regular setting polymer modified Portland-cement mortar for installing
all types of wall block masonry. It is a unique pre blended mixture of lime, renewable minerals, fly ash, lightweight aggregates and
Portland cement, plasticizers and air entraining additives in a proprietary formulation.

Test Name                                   Physical Properties
Pot Life                                        About 1 Hour
Open Time                                   30-45 mins
Adjustability                                 10 mins
Initial Set (Before Grouting)            48 Hours
Final Full Set                                28 Days
Shear Strength (at 28days)
Blocks to Concrete                        0.3 MPa
Compressive Strength                    < 4 MPa
pH                                                About 10 11
Packaging                                     Bag - 50 Kg (2 x 25)
Colours                                          Grey
                                                    6 months when stored in original
Shelf Life                                      sealed container at room temperature,
                                                    in a dry, heated area. Protect from
                                                    moisture, freezing and excessive heat.
Clean up                                       With clean water while fresh
Health & Safety                             Consult the (MSDS) for safe
                                                    handling instructions.
Bulk Density                                 1050 kg/cm2

Thickness                                          Area
600 x 200 x 100                            200- 210 sq ft
600 x 200 x 150                           150 160 sq ft
600 x 200 x 200                            90-100 sq ft

Approximate coverage when applied by Notched Trowel.
Coverages (based on 50 kg bag) when applied in thickness of 2-

All surfaces must be structurally sound, level and clean of all
substances that can weaken the adhesive's bond to the
Mix only as much Greecem Bond Thin Set Block Mortar as can
beused in 1 hour.
Add Greecem Modifier Solution E-SOLN 2275 to a clean
mixing container.
For best results use company recommended Notched Trowel
SoakAAC Blocks in water before application of Bond Mortar
Material is self curing by aeration, curing with water not
Place the blocks into the wet mix mortar with a slight twisting
motion to ensure good contact
Always use the motarized mixer to mix the dry Greecem
Bonding Mortar, with the recommended Mortar Modifier
An economical, dry-setmortar.
No need to soak blocks before installation, other than for AAC
Recommended to use notched trowel (available in various
sizes) to obtain uniform & optimum coverage.
Mix Greecem Bond Mortar (dry mix) with Greecem Mortar
Modifier Solution E-SOLN 2275 Only (Part -B). No addition of
water is needed.
The unique formulation of Greecem Bond enables the product,
to achieve near to zero shrink feature, thereby minimizing &
eliminating the cracking problem.
Being lightweight, gives a larger coverage and therefore
Aeco-friendly green product
Nearto zero wastage, minimum inventory
25 kg when packed (2 such bags in HDPE Lined Packing)

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